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Are online courses for you?

This short "survey" will help you decide if Online courses are a good match for you. Select your answers to the questions below, then click "Submit"

1.  Being in a classroom and/or socializing with fellow students is:
(a.) Very important to me.
(b.) Somewhat important to me.
(c.) Not particularly necessary to me.

2.  I usually:
(a.) Put things off until the last minute.
(b.) Need reminding to get things done on time.
(c.) Finish things ahead of time.

3.  I find classroom discussion:
(a.) Usually helpful.
(b.) Sometimes helpful.
(c.) Rarely helpful.

4.  When instructors hand out directions for assignments, I prefer:
(a.) Having them explained to me.
(b.) Trying to follow them on my own, then asking for help as needed.
(c.) Figuring them out for myself.

5.  When asked to use VCR’s, computers, voice mail, email or other technologies new to me:
(a.) I put it off or try to avoid it.
(b.) I feel apprehensive, but try anyway.
(c.) I look forward to learning new skills.

6.  Considering my professional and personal schedule, the amount of time I have for an Online course is:
(a.) Less than for a class on campus.
(b.) The same as for a class on campus.
(c.) More than enough.

Adapted from a questionnaire developed by Bob Loser, Jean Trabandit, Barbara Hathaway and Teresa Donnell of Northern Virginia Community College’s Extended Learning Institute.

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