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Registration for On-Site Proctored Exams

If your course appears in the pull-down list of courses below, you will be required to travel to an ITV site, University Center or another location near you to take at least one exam during the course of the semester. For detailed information on your course's requirements and exam schedule, please refer to the course syllabus mailed with your textbooks or on the course website. NOTE: If you are unable to travel to one of the locations in the list below, contact UC Learning Services at 1-800-868-7000 so that we can find a more convenient location.

You MUST sign up for an exam site during the first two weeks of the semester to ensure that appropriate materials will be delivered to your proctor site in a timely fashion. It is also your responsibility to contact the site, before each visit, to arrange a specific day and time which is practical for both you and the site staff. Out of state students, see note below.

ATTENTION! Before continuing please make sure your browser is not blocking popups. Within the following process there is important information to view that is contained within a popup window.

Spring 2015

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* Site Notes:
Deer Isle - site is not open during July and August
East Sullivan - site is not open during summer months
Kingfield-DV - - site is not open during the summer months
Lisbon-DV - site is not open during the summer months
Winthrop - site is not open during the summer months

Note to out-of-state students: Please find a local education professional who is willing to proctor your exams. E-mail your instructor with the name, title, work address and e-mail address of the proposed proctor. After verification, your instructor will e-mail all relevant information to UC Learning Services ( we will mail your exam to your proctor.

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